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Our History - Our Vision

KwaNzimela Conference Centre’s vision is to provide you with a tranquil, affordable and safe venue to allow you have your conference or event  hassle free and create memories to last a lifetime. Our staff have a passion to serve and this is our promise to you that through their passion you will find KwaNzimela the perfect venue for your purpose.


Meaning of the name ‘Nzimela’
Robert Robinson had a habit of carrying a long walking staff, which he used to lean on as he travelled around doing his missionary work. To lean on a staff in isiZulu is ‘Zimelela’. Historically, the one who leans on a staff is nicknamed ‘Umzimela’. Hence Robinson was commonly called umnZimela’ by local people. His residence was later fondly referred to as KwaNzimela, meaning at the place of Mnzimela.

Our Rich History
KwaNzimela Diocesan Pastoral Centre is situated in KwaMagwaza Mission Station also known as the Place of Tall Trees which is located about ten kilometres south west of Melmoth, the small scenic town situated in a lush green mist belt 800m above sea-level.  The mission station was established in 1860 by  Reverend Robert Robertson on land granted by Zulu ruler Mpande. Bishop Wilkinson later operated the mission. The mission has been destroyed and rebuilt twice since it was originally constructed. During the Anglo-Zulu war the station was destroyed and re-established only to be destroyed again in 1884 during civil disturbances in Zululand.

The complex was expanded in 1907, and was used as a hostel for orphans, a high school, a teachers’ training centre and the Saint Elizabeth's College of Nursing. In 1959 Bishop Tom Savage ordered the buildings to be renovated and used as a the current conference centre called KwaNzimela.

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