Zululand Country Venue

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Welcome to Tranquillity


KwaNzimela Conference Centre welcomes
you to its tranquil and all-year-green
natural vegetation.


KwaNzimela offers organisations and individuals a budget-friendly destination where you can meet in small or larger groups that is perfect for corporates, youth groups, church groups, birders, nature lovers or just you. The experience includes your accommodation, meals prepared lovingly by our staff, and miles of lush nature; perfect for team-building, individual meditation or quiet walks to reconnect with oneself and with nature.

KwaNzimela is situated in the lush KwaMagwaza Mission, which is also known as the Place of Tall Trees. It is located about ten kilometres south west of Melmoth, the small scenic town situated in a lush green mist belt 800m above sea-level and is well placed for day visits to Zululand Battlefield sites and nature reserves.

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